Turn South Presents at 2016 CHRONIC Gathering

Turn South Project Director Rachel Fowler presented at the third annual Carolina Human Rights Organizing Conference (CHRONIC) held in Asheville, NC on October 21-23, 2016. CHRONIC brings together human rights and social justice activists and practitioners, and many new to the human rights movement, from both North and South Carolina. Attendees learn about rights concerns in both states, and across the country, and efforts to address worker, children, and women’s rights, environmental justice, criminal justice, and other rights concerns.

On Friday, Rachel conducted a workshop introducing participants to the international human rights system and how the U.S. falls short of meeting its human rights obligations. Workshop attendees explored how the U.S. falls short of protecting rights, including some contained in the U.S. constitution such as the rights to a fair trial, to vote, to equal protection, and to be free from discrimination. Attendees also discussed access to healthcare, fair wages, housing, and potable water as rights concerns around which much is still to be done to ensure security of person for all within the U.S.



Participants learned about Human Rights Cities as an organizing tool around which community members can work to protect and promote human rights in their cities and towns. Rachel also presented on the Human Rights Cities movement during the Saturday plenary.

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